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    I suggest that at this year's conference we start looking for an answer to the question: "Has psychiatry become less dangerous?".Prof. K. Milenkov has a study of aggressive incidents in psychiatric institutions from more than 20 years ago. A questionnaire was prepared together with Dr. D. Gotev to the hospitals, it was sent to the country, but the activity of the chief doctors is weak. The idea is to compare the dynamics over time.I enclose the tables.Please help to obtain this information if you have the opportunity. This is good for everyone because we have to seek our rights. Otherwise they disappear.The next question is, "Has psychiatry become less harmful?" Prof. Iv. Temkov said that the real burden of psychiatry was that "we are constantly breathing madness." There was no talk of Burnout Syndrome at the time. I am thinking of proposing at the conference in our countries to study the staff in this direction.Prof. K. Milenkov will historically trace the reduction of our compensations for harmful work. By the way, you probably remember that they gave yogurt for the psychiatric harm. A greater symbol of ignorance in the realm of the psychic, tell him health.Write what you think - office@privatepsychiatry.orgFORMS:Survey for incidents in the outpatient psychiatric systemSurvey number of incidents in psychiatric services - form 2011 / form 2010 / form 2009 / form 2008COMPLETED FORMS:

Survey for incidents in the outpatient psychiatric system by Dr. Asen Beshkov, a doctor at AISPMP "Horizons" Plovdiv - Medical Center for Addiction Treatment